Empowering Students Through Discipleship

STF YTH Discipleship Program

Discover the transformative impact of Jesus, who changed history through the power of God and intentional discipleship. Take the next step in your faith, embrace discipleship, and start your journey with Christ today!

Personal Growth

Our program focuses on giving students the tools they need to develop their personal relationship with Jesus.

Intentional Plan

You will commit to meeting once a week with a mentor and studying scripture together for 10-weeks. 

Discover the STF YTH Discipleship Program

Watch this video to learn more about how our program can help your students grow in their relationship with Jesus by partnering with an adult leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about our STF YTH Discipleship Program.

What is the STF YTH Discipleship Program?

The STF YTH Discipleship Program is designed to help youth grow in their faith and develop leadership skills through an intentionally designed curriculum that walks through Jesus’s life. Students will learn what it means to be with Jesusbecome like Jesusand do what Jesus does.

Who can join the program?

The program is open to all STF students who are eager to deepen their faith through a discipleship relationship/

What is the duration of the program?

The program runs throughout the school year. Students will meet once a week with an adult leader for around an hour.

Are there any costs involved?

There is no cost to join the STF YTH Discipleship Program. We believe in making our program accessible to all youth.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up by clicking the ‘Join Now’ button on this page or by visiting our website at stfchurch.com/yth.

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