As a church, our hearts break for the tragedy involving a high school student that happened this past weekend in our community. We want to share the ways we have been caring for those hurting during this time of loss.


Our staff has reached out to the family to give them support and care in this difficult time. We have learned that they have a strong church family of their own who are supporting and caring for them in great ways.


We have also learned that the family was very connected throughout the South Tampa community, and many people have supported them through giving through their GoFundMe, as well as serving and bringing the family meals.


Last night at WAKE, with our high school students, we shared about grief from a biblical perspective and how our hope in Christ is an anchor for our souls, especially in times of loss and confusion. That hope is something we are called to share with individuals who are brokenhearted and hurting.


We also shared three thoughts about how to grieve:

  • There is no wrong way to feel. It is OK to feel numb, angry, sad, fearful, etc.


  • There is nothing that you can’t talk about with God. Bring your doubts and anger and sadness to Him. He understands why you’re feeling the way you do and wants to comfort you.


  • It can be tempting to compare yourself to how others are feeling and how long it takes them to heal. Everybody heals differently and feels different things when sad things happen.


We were able to set time aside for students to gather in groups with a leader to share what was on their hearts and to pray together. We know that this tragedy has impacted many people in our community, and as the body of Christ we want to come alongside, and support and care for everyone affected by it.


Our prayers go out to the family and their loved ones, and we ask that you would join us in praying for the family, loved ones, friends, classmates, teammates, and parents who are experiencing loss at this time.