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Food For Thought

For the week of January 17, 2021

(Questions and Scriptures for further study & discussion)


Men’s Bible Study Wednesday Mornings, In Person

Join us starting this Wednesday for our Men’s Bible Study – Titus by Chip Ingram, 6:45-7:45am weekly

Discover STF January 24th 9:45-11:45am, In Person or Zoom

DiscoverSTF meets onsite at our Ballast Point Campus and virtually on Zoom. You can choose either option. Our desire is for everyone (especially if you are new) to join! If you are interested in becoming a member of our church, this class is required. Click the register button below.


Community Group Kickoff! In Person, Online, Hybrid 

Community Groups will kick off again the week of January 24. Study God’s word with one another! If you’d like to join a group or just learn more about Groups at STF, click the button below.

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Women’s Bible Study, Jan 25/26, in person or zoom

Join us for Beth Moore’s “Children of the Day,” an in-depth study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians. 


1. Read Genesis 1:1-2.  What do these verses reveal about God and creation?

2. What most intrigues you in these verses?

3. The Westminister Shorter Catechism teaches that the ultimate purpose for people is “to glorify God, and to enjoy Him forever.”  How do you glorify God?  

4. Read Genesis 3:1-13. How do temptations cause people to question God’s character?  What role do our desires play into temptation?

5. What immediate effects occurred for Adam and Eve personally and in their relationship with God?  What died? 

Take heart

The brokenness of people and society reflects the loss suffered in Eden. Praise God that Genesis 3 is not the end of the story. Sin never gets the final word. God has the final word. This chapter ends with and the Bible expands on the story of God’s love, grace, mercy and hope overcoming sin.

Only God can define what is wrong with humanity – sin. The door to God’s presence, once closed by sin, now stands open to all who trust the perfect sacrifice of Jesus in their place. Sin offends God, destroys all and is inescapable without a Savior. God’s promise of the woman’s offspring who would crush the serpent’s head began the unfolding drama of God’s gift of eternal life. Jesus Christ bore the price of our sin for all who believe in Him. Only Jesus can restore what sin cost and lost. God covers our sin with Jesus’ perfection. When God looks at a believer, He sees only the righteousness of His own Son. We are great sinners, but we have a great Savior!