We are so excited that all of our campuses are able to gather again in person. We have been working hard behind the scenes to get our facilities and service structure ready for you. Here are some things you should know: 



Q:  Can we still watch the service online?

A:  Yes, you can! We encourage you to continue to attend online if you or a family member doesn’t feel well, if attending with your kids is difficult, or if you’re just not ready to attend church at a physical location. Every person needs to decide what is best.


Q: Where and when are the in-person services?

A: All of our campuses have re-gathered for in-person services.


Q: Will we be singing?

A: We will be socially distanced inside the worship center, so yes, we will be singing!


Q: Will there be Sunday school or children’s ministry?

A: Yes, click here to pre-register.


Q: Will there be baptisms?

A: Yes, we will offer baptism for one family each Sunday. Baptisms may also be scheduled at the beach or private homes, and may take place other days of the week besides Sunday.  Please reach out to sharon@stfchurch.com for more information or to schedule a baptism.


Q: Will there be an offering or Communion?

A: We have established alternative methods of doing the offering and Communion during this time. Communion will be celebrated using commercially pre-packaged cups containing both juice and wafer. Offerings will be collected by means of collection boxes positioned at entrance and exit doors. We encourage you to give online at stfchurch.com/give.


Q:  What should I do if I am not feeling well or have health concerns?

A:  Please stay home and join us online if you or members of your family have had a cough or sore throat, a fever over 100 degrees, shortness of breath, or contact with anyone confirmed to have Covid-19 in the past 14 days.


Q:  Should I wear a mask?

A:  We ask that you wear your mask when you come into the building and keep it on until you get to your seat. Then, if you feel more comfortable keeping it on, by all means, please do so.


Q:  How are we supporting social distancing?

A:  All our campuses are set up and equipped to ensure social distancing, including everything from traffic flow to attendee seating. Additionally, we encourage everyone to exit the building upon completion of the service to allow for cleaning prior to the next service.


Q:  How should I come into the church?

A:  You may park in our parking lot. If it is full, you may park at Ballast Point Elementary School across the street.

We will have shuttles transporting people from the Ballast Point Elementary School parking lot to the front door of the church. We ask that you social-distance on the shuttle and wear masks.

There will only be one entrance: under the portico (overhang). You will be able to exit through any door from the sanctuary. There will also be floor decals pointing you in the right direction once inside. Inside the Worship Center, every other row will be designated with blue and white tape. There will be a sign when you walk in designating which color row to sit in for that service. You may sit with your family unit; however, we encourage you to social-distance from other family units.


Q:  How will fellowship be impacted by social distancing?

A:  We are suspending coffee service at this time. The soda fountain and water coolers will also not be available. We ask that you use air-fives and air-hugs only, please. We know you are excited to re-gather and see familiar faces again. We encourage you to greet one another and say “hello” from 6+ feet way.


Q:  What are the cleaning protocols?

A:  We use an outside cleaning service to deep-clean our campuses each week. Additionally, we have trained and equipped staff and volunteers with enhanced cleaning procedures, including cleaning all surfaces before, after, and during each service.


Q:  What changes have we made to the campus to support hand hygiene?

A:  We have added additional freestanding touchless hand sanitizer stations. In addition, there now are wall-dispenser sanitizer stations in every classroom.