What is the STF Parent Conference?

The STF Parent Conference is unlike any workshop or Christian conference you’ve ever experienced. We are partnering with our friends at Family Teams to put on a top-notch conference for YOU! This is not two days of just marriage encouragement, parenting tips, or inspirational talks. It’s where we pull back the curtain and introduce an entirely new way to think about and lead your family as a team on a mission. These two days will combine incredible epiphanies and paradigm shifts with stuff that is so practical and immediately actionable the day you get home. You will go through various exercises with your spouse that is guaranteed to send you back different, activated, and equipped. So, if you want to turn your family upside down and change your family’s legacy for the next 500 years, then this weekend is for you.

WHERE: 5101 Bayshore Blvd Tampa, FL 33611

WHEN: October 21-22, 2022

PRICE: $199 for couples OR $99 for individuals

Conference Schedule


Registration: 6PM

Session 1: 7-9:30PM


Breakfast Hour: 8-9AM

Session 2: 9-12PM

**Lunch Provided OnSite**

Session 3: 1:30-4PM

**Dinner Off-site**

Session 4: 7-10PM

Our Special Guests

The Pryors

Jeremy and April Pryor had an epiphany over two decades ago, realizing that the way we all do family in the West is mostly a failed experiment, and the Scriptures are calling us back to a bigger and better design. Since then they have been discipling, teaching, and impacting families in the greater Ohio region for years through various projects and resources. They’ve spent the last 20 years building Team Pryor together and have five kids: Kelsey, Jackson, Sydney, Elisa, and Kaira. They live in a multigenerational house with Jeremy’s parents and April’s mom near Cincinnati, Ohio. They’ve founded and led several businesses, and non-profits including Epipheo (a video production agency) Just Sew (a quilt shop), FamilyTeams.com (training content for families), 1000 Houses (a network of Cincinnati disciple-making households), and The Story-Formed Life (a discipleship training resource).

The Bethkes

Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke are the New York Times bestselling authors of Jesus > Religion, It’s Not What You Think, Love That Lasts, To Hell With The Hustle, and Satisfied. Additionally, they make YouTube videos and host numerous other podcasts you can find online. They are passionate about building a multigenerational family team on mission ever since they were captured by the vision for it over seven years ago. They now comprise one half of Family Teams, alongside the Pryors, helping and equipping others out there to say no to the western experiment and yes to God’s ancient design for the family. They live in Maui with their kids Kinsley, Kannon, and Lucy.

What if we are married with no Kids?

There certainly will be some content that will be specific to families and children, but yes we actually very much believe this event will be life changing for married couples with no kids as well. The minute you get married, you are a family, regardless of kids, and ‘family’ and ‘marriage’ are more intertwined than we sometimes think. Also the sessions and exercises will be beneficial as well as give clarity and tons of things to take home for those without kids.