Partnering with parents

STF kids Milestone Classes

At STF, we are committed to honoring each child’s individual journey and important milestones. These milestones, like Child Dedication and Baptism, are significant for the child and their family. Our Child Dedication Class is scheduled during the 9:00 AM service at the Ballast Point campus, and the Baptism Class is held during the 11:00 AM service. Both classes are tailored to assist families in celebrating and commemorating their child’s significant accomplishments.

Child Dedication Class

Learn about what child dedication means for your family.

Once a Month | BP and DI Campuses

Baptism Class

Learn about what baptism is and what it means for your child.

Once a Month | BP and DI Campuses

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about our STF Kids Milestone Classes.

Where and when do the classes take place?

If you attend our Ballast Point Campus, Child Dedication Classes will occur in B200 at 9:00 AM, and Kids Baptism Classes will occur in B200 at 11:00 AM. These classes will be available on the first Sunday of each month.

If you attend our Davis Islands Campus, both classes will meet after service on the first Sunday of each month in the Kids Large Group room.

Do I need to accompany my child to the classes?

The child and their parent(s) must be present to attend the Baptism Class. The child doesn’t need to be present for the Child dedication class.

Do I need to be a member of STF to dedicate my child or have my child baptized?

Membership at STF Church is not required for child dedication or baptism. However, we encourage families to consider STF as their home church, as dedication signifies a partnership with God and the Church in raising their children. Learn More

Is child dedication the same as baptism?

Child dedication is not the same as baptism. Baptism is a personal decision for individuals who have chosen to trust Jesus alone for their salvation. Dedication is a ceremony where parents seek God’s blessing and commit to raising their children according to Scripture.

What happens during the Child Dedication Ceremony?

During child dedication, your family will have a special moment on stage with your pastor or kids director during our Sunday morning service. The pastor/kids director will introduce your child to the Church Family, and you will publicly commit to guiding your child’s faith journey. We’ll pray over your family and present your child with a Bible, certificate, book, and special letter.

When does Child Dedication take place?

Child Dedication occurs at an agreed-upon Sunday after completing the Child Dedication Class. Feel free to invite friends and family to join in this special time of prayer and celebration.