Healthy marriages are the backbone of a strong community. But marriage is hard!  Don’t be surprised when the world tempts you to walk away in the heat of battle.  But know that God offers constant grace that can protect your relationship with your spouse.  You can have a thriving and vibrant marriage!  South Tampa Fellowship’s Married Life ministry provides several resources:

Prepare: This four-session, one-on-one study is designed for couples who are engaged or are considering marriage.  STF pastors lead the sessions, offering premarital counseling, coaching, and insight.

Enrich: This resource is designed for couples that have been married 1-5 years and would like fine-tuning and encouragement in their relationship. These sessions, pro-active rather than reactive, involve one-on-one time led by an STF pastor.

This is a 9-week marriage discipleship class intended to help marriages be successful, happy, healthy, and lasting.  Grounded in Scripture, 2 Becoming 1 redirects our focus from the performance of our spouse towards faith in God and His promises for a lasting and authentic relationship.

Marriage Mentors: Trained marriage mentors are available for engaged, newly married, or struggling couples to seek wisdom and counsel.  It is a practical way for couples to learn from experienced mentors.  These couples will share their struggles, their blessings, and the lessons learned from both.

Counseling: We have several Christian counselors we highly recommend.  For a marriage in crisis we suggest a 48-hour intensive.