STF Child and Baby Dedication Classes


Thank you for your interest in child dedication. The Staff and Pastors of South Tampa Fellowship are honored that you wish to make a commitment to raise your child in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ, with the support of the STF family. Child dedication is a joyous occasion which celebrates the parents’ acceptance that their child is a most gracious gift from God.

These classes will provide deeper insight into what Christian parenting can look like, engage the parents in conversation about their goals for their child and about the centrality of faith in their family’s life. They will gain an understanding of STF’s preschool and children’s ministry and how the ministry can partner with them as they raise their children.

STF welcomes the opportunity for ongoing conversation with an unbelieving partner, and our prayer is that the child-dedication classes will offer a greater openness to the gospel and/or becoming a part of the Christian community — which is, of course, our desired goal for all parents dedicating their children to God.

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