CG Study Guide for I AM, March 1, 2020 PDF

Community Group Study Guide

For the week of March 1, 2020

THANKS to all the amazing Community Groups that came out for the Church Wide Serve Day!  So much was accomplished all over Tampa through you!!!! 


1. If you participated in our Church-Wide Serve Day, what was the highlight of your experience?


2. What is something you could eat every day?


3. From this weekend’s sermon, which one statement, point or insight was most helpful, challenging or even confusing to you personally?



1. How would you describe your spiritual diet lately?

  • healthy
  • balanced
  • fast food
  • junk food
  • starved

2. Review John 6:25-66.  What are the similarities and differences between manna (Exodus 16) and the “bread of life”? What claims does Jesus make in verses 35-40?  What do these claims emphasize about his being the being the bread of life?


3. Read Matthew 6:9-13.  In getting serious about your spiritual life, what is your biggest challenge?


1. What is the main reason you follow Jesus?


2. If you’re spending alone time (solitude) with God, what does it look like? How often? What would you like to do differently or continue doing?


3.  How can the group encourage and pray for you this week?



Ideas to help with having your daily bread:

  1. Set a recurring calendar notification on your Smartphone to remind you of a verse (like 1Thessalonians 5:16-18) or set a reminder to pray.
  2. Use your wristwatch’s hourly beep as a prompt to give God thanks for your blessings.
  3. Use your Smartphone’s home screen for Scripture instead of what you’re using now.  Here are some examples you can download for free


4.  Put a 3×5 card in your car with praises or a verse on it and read the card at stoplights.

5.  Get with someone in your CG or a trusted friend weekly and discuss what God is teaching you through your time spent with Him.

6.  Use the YouVersion app and choose one of their many resources for daily reading.  Bonus by inviting other CG members to join you!