The STF GO Team is preparing for Hurricane Idalia to bring help, hope & healing in Jesus’ name. Here are a few ways that you can get involved. We need volunteers ready to help prepare people before the storm hits and after the damage is done.


STF is a certified Disaster Relief Unit with the FL Baptists, and we’re ready to help! Hundreds of FL Disaster Relief volunteers on “standby” status are ready to deploy to our area as soon as they go to “active” status by the end of the week. If you need help:

After the storm- Request help with tree damage/home flooding/debris cleanup. Or if you need food, water, or supplies from our Ballast Point food pantry, please click on the link “I Need Help” or email marc@stfchurch.com, and the GO Team will contact you ASAP.


If you would like to be part of serving with the GO Team: Disaster Relief Unit, please click on the “Volunteer to Help” button below. You will be added to a distribution list of volunteers that will receive local project requests on an as-needed priority basis. Marc Corradino, STF Missions Director, and our GO Team Captains will be in contact with you.


Even if you’re not trained, you can volunteer; however, it is best to be Disaster relief taught, which you can do online simply by clicking the “Disaster Relief Training” link below. This will allow you to set up a ministry grid account and watch the online training videos from home. Please email marc@stfchurch.com with questions on how to get started.