Community Care Teams

This is a team, much like an extended family, of four to eight committed volunteers who support and serve the foster family and foster children. The team provides regular and ongoing practical help such as meals, prayer, tutoring, child care, transportation, laundry, yard work, etc.

Community Care Team Roles:

Family Helper: Family helpers usually serve by providing a meal once per month, delivered on the same day of the week and same week of each month  (e.g., the second Tuesday of every month).  Additionally, these volunteers can run errands, assist with housework, do yard work or laundry, and help with other practical tasks to support the family.

Child Mentor: A child mentor commits to provide child care or transportation two-three times per month, with at least one scheduled day per month. This is a unique opportunity to pour love and encouragement into vulnerable children. In order to thrive, foster parents need the support of dedicated child mentors who will sacrificially serve them in this way.

Team Leader: This volunteer contacts the foster family weekly and sends out a weekly email updating the team on prayer requests. This role can be uniquely filled or combined with any of the above roles.

Interim Caregiver: Interim caregivers serve as overnight caregivers in their home or in the foster home for anywhere from one night to two weeks. Additional background checks may be required, as well as a home safety inspection. Respite families also fall under this category of assistance.

Would you like to join a Community Care Team? If you would like more information, email us at fostercare@stfchurch.com.

Do you feel like God is calling you to become a foster parent?

South Tampa Fellowship has partnered with West Florida Foster Care Services, which serves Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Manatee, Sarasota and DeSoto counties. WFFCS is a Christ-centered agency dedicated to glorifying God by restoring the local body of Christ as the leader in serving those children in our community who have been abused, neglected, and abandoned. Their vision is to relentlessly pursue a day when every foster child in our community experiences the love of family and Christ through the faithfulness of the local church.

If you are interested, here are your first steps:


1.  Gathering Information

The first step is what you are doing now: gathering information by reading our FAQ sheet or by contacting West Florida Foster Care Services with any questions you have.

2.  Foster-Care Orientation

Those interested in starting the process to become foster parents begin by attending a free, hour-long foster-care orientation. This is a prerequisite to becoming a licensed foster home, and in this session you will be given more detailed information about foster care.

3.  Professional Parenting Classes

Once the orientation is completed, families who are still seeking to serve as foster parents register for a free training course called Professional Parenting.  Our organization provides this course, which consists of 24 hours of classroom training.  The sessions are offered throughout the Tampa Bay area at various times on weekends or evenings.

4.  Home Study

After a family finishes the Professional Parenting training, one of our licensing staff will work with them to complete a home study and the other legally required steps necessary to become a foster home.