Food For Thought for the week of August 9, 2020 PDF version

Food for Thought

For the week of August 9, 2020

(Questions and Scriptures for further study & discussion)

NOTE TO LEADERS: We highly recommend that each week men and women break up into two groups for a time of reflection, prayer requests, and prayer.


Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything you heard for the first time or something that caught your attention, challenged or confused you?


1. When you were upset, hurt or scared as a child, who did you run to first?  Who do you tell your troubles to now?


1. Chris said, “We must cry out to God about the moral decay in our world but no sin should break our hearts more than our own.” Why do you think it’s so hard to cry out for help to God for ourselves? 

2.  What are some everyday situations in which you put your trust entirely in the hands of complete strangers?

3. Read Galatians 3:3.  What “goal”(v. 3) does the Spirit help a person to achieve that human effort cannot attain?

4. At Celebrate Recovery, the Principle One (Powerless) Prayer states:

“Dear God, your Word tells me that I can’t heal my hurts, hang-ups and habits just by saying they’re not there.  Help me! Parts of my life – or all of my life – are out of control.  I now know that I can’t “fix” myself.  It seems the harder I try to do the right thing, the more I struggle.  Lord, I want to step out of my denial into the truth.  I pray for you to show me the way.  Amen” 

How could this prayer change a challenging circumstance that you’re facing?

5.  God responds to every call for help. We can trust that He will always respond to cries for help in accordance to His good and perfect will. How can this group support you in prayer this week?



Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find freedom from life’s Hurts, Hang-Ups, and Habits and is available 52 weeks a year every Thursday. For more information go to,  www.crtampa.com and sign up for texts to get the latest information by texting “new@cr” to 813-397-8921. Find us on FB/IG @crtampa

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