Community Group Homework

For the week of April 7, 2019


  1. If you you had a year’s wages to spend on friends, which would you choose:

A. Big party for all

B.  Glorious trip for a few

C.  Extravagant gift for one


2. When in your life were you most disappointed with yourself?





3. Was there one point from this week’s sermon that particularly caught your attention, challenged you or maybe even confused you more than normal?






Review the events of Mark 14 on your own, and answer the following questions.

Read Exodus 12:1-13, 21-28.

1. What was the significance of Passover? Why was Passover an appropriate time for the events of Mark 14 to unfold?



2.  Read Mark 14: 1-11.  What is Jesus trying to teach his disciples about priorities? Whereas the woman gave lavishly for Jesus, Judas wanted to see what he could get from him.  In what ways are you like the woman?  In what ways are you like Judas?




3. Read Mark 14:17-26. How does Jesus’ use of the bread and wine change the emphasis of Passover?  What is the meaning of verse 22 & 24?





4.  Read Jeremiah 31:31-33.  How would you describe this new covenant Jesus brought about? 






1.  What “beautiful” thing could you do this week for Jesus (or “the least of these”)?




2. With which disciple do you identify most and why:

A. Judas – I’ve sold out on Jesus?

B.  Those around the table – I want to follow Jesus but I still want to be successful in the eyes of others?

C.  Peter – I am passionately committed to Jesus but sometimes I fall flat on my face?

D. The naked disciple – I follow Jesus but in the moment of crisis I tend to run away from him?


3. How does Jesus’ decision to “drink the cup”(Mark 14:36) help you in your obedience to God?  What issue of obedience is challenging to you? 





4.  When, if ever, have you felt that your failures made it impossible for you to serve Christ again?  How did you overcome these feelings?  How can your group pray for you?








Please take a “feather” at the BP campus to help us be VBS ready.  Your CG can also take a “to-go” bin and do a craft project to do DURING your CG time.  For more information, please email Karen McClure at karen@stfchurch.com or groups@stfchurch.com


Join us for our Preschool Eggstravaganza Event! There will be an Easter egg hunt, bounce houses, a petting zoo, and so much more! This is a preschool family event on Sunday, April 14th from 3:30-5:30 p.m. at Ballast Point Elementary School.




STF GO TEAM needs donations!  Check and see what you can offer to give.  For any questions or where to drop off donations, email marc@stfchurch.com

For Donation to fill the Trailer with “gently” used items

  •     Multiple ext cords
  •     Lots of flat shovels
  •     Need additional hoe and edge trimmer.
  •     Branch clippers and small hand saws.
  •     Chainsaws
  •     Steele Dolly (for moving things)
  •     Need inventory of gloves, various sizes. 
  •     Plenty of rakes, both dirt and leaves.
  •     Tools or Large Tool kit, Tool box or chest, socket kit, etc
  •     Car Battery Jump Starter/ Tire Air Filler
  •     Wheel barrel
  •     Need several hand push gas mowers
  •     Need First Aid Kit.
  •     Need cans of wasp, bug spray
  •     Need weed whacker, and electric hedge trimmer.
  •     Pressure washer, gas or electric
  •     Gas tanks, large or small
  •     Axes, hatchets, machetes
  •     Lubricating oils and WD 40.
  •     Should have some basic cleaning supplies, hand stuff, etc.
  •     Small files to keep cutting tools sharpened while on the job.

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