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At STF Church, our committees play a vital role in serving God and our community. They allow us to utilize the unique gifts and talents of our congregation, nurturing every aspect of our church life. Join a committee to make a meaningful impact and help further our mission.

September 23, 2024:
All committee applications are due. Apply Now

October 1, 2024:
Applicants contacted by Nominating Committee.

October 20, 2024:
Applicants voted on at business meeting.

An in-depth look

Why Committees Matter

At STF Church, committees are crucial for organizing and managing ministries, promoting member participation, and making diverse-informed decisions. Serving on a committee helps build relationships and strengthen our church community. Get involved by serving on one of our five standing committees: Nominating, Personnel, Finance, Missions, and Property & Facilities. Committee terms are staggered to ensure continuity.









Applicant Requirements

1. Applicants must have been a member of South Tampa Fellowship for at least one (1) year prior to their application for committee service.
2. Applicants must have a record of faithfully stewarding time, talents, and treasure within STF and the Kingdom of God.
3. It is preferred that applicants be involved in service in some other ministry area of the church.
4. It is preferred that applicants have some experience or qualifications related to the committee for which the applicant is applying.
5. Applicants must complete the Application for Committee Service by September 23, 2024.


  • Completed applications must be submitted no later than September 23, 2024.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee and Pastoral Staff to ensure that the applicant meets the eligibility requirements.
  • Personal interviews may be required at the discretion of the Nominating Committee and/or Pastoral Staff.
  • The slate of applicants recommended by the Nominating Committee and the Pastoral Staff will be submitted to the Church membership for a vote to fill vacant team positions. The vote will occur before October 20, 2024.
  • Committee service is for three (3) years unless filling the unexpired term of a former team member, which will be the length of the unexpired term.
  • Committee service will be on a calendar year basis.
Nominating Committee
  • Ensure the integrity of the church’s committee structure 
  • Coordinate the staffing of all committees and church officers. 
  •  Review current Ministry Departments.
  • Assess the need for additional committees and recommend procedures to dissolve obsolete committees. 
  • Develop operating guidelines and procedures 
  • Facilitate each committee’s fulfillment of its mission
Personnel Committee
  • Consult on Performance Reviews format
  • Review completed Performance Reviews and consult on contents
  • Approve new full-time hires
  • Assist in the search and hiring process for new pastors
  • Approve Vacation Policies
  • Approve the annual Compensation Budget
  • Perform annual review of Personnel Policies & Procedures
  • Consult on Employee Benefits
  • Consult on Work Guidelines
  • Consult on New Job Descriptions
  • Assist in Long Range Planning for Future Staff


Finance Committee
  • Review and approve the inclusive annual church budget before its presentation to the Church body for its vote of adoption.
  • Review the monthly financial reports to ensure fiscal responsibility and provide budget management accountability.
  • Determine feasibility and timing for capitalizing expenditures.
  • Oversee annual financial audit by:
      1. Selecting and contracting auditing firm
      2. Interfacing with auditing firm as needed
  • Review and consult on financial procedures to ensure financial responsibility with regard to:
      1. Safekeeping and transportation of funds
      2. Confidentiality of contribution records
      3. Accounting practices
      4. Investment and holding of reserve and designated funds
      5. Banking
Missions Committee
  • Facilitate fulfillment of the Church’s Mission Statement through inspiration, information, and involvement. 
  • Supervise, direct, and oversee the church’s current missions programs and activities.
  • Evaluate other opportunities for missions’ ministry and advise the Staff of the feasibility of the work.
  • Assist in formulating a mission’s budget each fiscal year.
  • The Committee shall review and update, as appropriate, a Missions Policy and Procedures Manual to guide the Committee’s operations and strategy.

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Properties & Facilities Committee
  • Oversee the church properties and facilities’ maintenance, renovations, and landscaping.
  • Oversee the management of properties and facilities-related projects.
  • Obtain three bids for capital expenditures or ensure that three bids are obtained.
  • Obtain zoning when applicable.
  • Review and approve church staff’s recommendations for improvements.
  • Select interior design and furnishings for facilities.
  • Approve architectural designs.
  • Ensure that properties and facilities-related contracts are being enforced.
  • Review insurance policies for facilities and determine on an annual basis that insurance payments are current.
  • The property acquisition process does not fall within the scope of responsibilities of the Properties and Facilities Team.

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