CG Study Guide JAMES 5 for Nov 24, 2019 PDF

Community Group Study Guide

For the week of November 24, 2019


1. The “Season” is upon us!  What are you most looking forward to this next month?


2. Who is someone you admire that is a person of prayer? Who is someone that you pray for regularly?


3. Looking back at your notes from this week’s teaching, was there anything that particularly caught your attention, challenged or confused you?



Begin this week’s study by reading James 5. 

1. How are you at keeping your word – letting your “Yes” be yes, and your “No”, be no (v. 12)?


2. According to this passage, what should you do when you are: In trouble? Happy? Sick? How apt are you to do any of these?


3. Why is it necessary, according to James 5:16 to admit our faults to someone else?


4. How is confession and prayer a part of the healing process? What is the connection between the physical and spiritual areas of our life?



1. Have you ever prayed over someone who was sick or had someone pray over you?  What was the experience like?


2. Have you ever confessed your sins to other trusted believers and received prayer? In what way can that experience bring forgiveness, healing and new life?


3. When have you come the closest to wandering from the faith?  What (or who) helped bring you back?


4. When you see a fellow Christian stray from God, are you prone to watch in disappointment, keep your distance so that you aren’t negatively influenced, or seek ways in which God would have you bring that person back?